8 Oct 2012

I LOVE Toddler Nursing

Nursing my kiddo has never been more fun than it is now.

Boy covers my nipple with his hands. Looks at me. Grins. I show my surprise and confusion: "Where, oh, where did my nipple go? I just can't seem to find it anywhere!" Boy takes his hands away, with a triumphant ta-da type gesture. I demonstrate my delight: "Oh, there's my nipple!" Repeat in classic peekaboo-with-toddler fashion.

Boy looks at my nipple. Yep, he's got that I'm-about-to-latch look on his face. He obviously wants to nurse. He leans in, kisses my nipple, and then pops back up and laughs uproariously. He tricked me! Repeat and repeat.

Some of the best moments of all happen after my boy has had a usual toddler tumble. He reaches up for my arms. Once I'm holding him, his right thumb goes in his mouth and his left hand searches through my shirt buttons. "Do you want to nurse?" I ask him. He nods his head quickly between full body sobs. There is no more guessing – he knows what he wants and how to tell me. He can affirm that, yes, absolutely yes, the only thing that will do right now is nursing.

We started out assuming we would formula-feed with bottles, and now I'm nursing an 18-month-old. I can't wait to see where the rest of this amazing parenting journey will take us.


  1. I never thought, when we adopted out youngest son, that a few weeks after his 2nd birthday he'd still be nursing. Truthfully, I never thought I'd still want to be nursing. But, when baby E pops off to gently pat my cheek and say "wuv ew", or "beep" my nose and laugh hystericlaly, or smile impishly and say "bye bye mupl-mease" (what he calls nursing) when he's done, the joy I feel is amazing. And I, too, am beyond grateful for toddler nursing.

  2. I just came across your wonderful blog via The Leaky Boob - another Leaky posted your story as guest blogger on Offbeat Mama. I just had to come by and say YAY PAPA. I always say Yay Mama for extended breastfeeding moms (I'm loving nursing my almost 15 month toddler) and to get to say it for a daddy...well. How truly awesome is that. What a lucky son you have, and what a lovely family story. Thank you for sharing.

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