16 Mar 2012


Blackd out writing in a document
Some have wondered why the names on this blog have been changed, and, well, the answer is MY SON! I have made the choice to be a queer, breastfeeding activist - I am not only comfortable with this, I love it. It is my passion. My child, however, must be allowed to make his own decisions regarding how open he wants to be about his life. I don't want my writing to follow him around wherever he goes. For now and for many years to come, he will simply be a boy with two loving parents. I believe this is his right.

All of our friends and family know that I am transgender and that I birthed our baby. They are all fine with it. We will try to raise our boy with honesty and integrity. He will grow up understanding where he came from, but we will also have to teach him to guard his own privacy in some situations for his own safety.

This blog is important to me because I hope it will help make the world a better place for our child, and others like him, to live in. Awareness of transgender lives increases every time someone puts him or herself out there in some way. Because Thomas Beatie discussed his transgender pregnancy on Oprah, some of my friends were already familiar with what we were up to when we announced our own pregnancy. And little by little it gets better, right?


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