27 Feb 2012

Milk Sharing Frenzy

Milk sharing seems to be gaining ground quickly! Local chapters of Human Milk 4 Human Babies are seeing a flurry of activity. I've also noticed several milk sharing blogs lately:

http://milksharing.blogspot.com/ This blog has wonderful info on how to store and ship milk safely.

http://missionmamamilk.blogspot.com/ Mission Mama Milk is a new blog, started just last month and has two authors - one woman giving her precious milk and another receiving it for her little one.

http://milkforbabyanthony.blogspot.com/ Milk For Baby Anthony is all about getting human milk for a sick little guy who cannot tolerate anything else.

I also came across a "Milk For Baby Chad" page and a "Milk for Baby Logan" page and there are probably countless others.

Maybe things are finally beginning to change, and more and more people will appreciate the life-giving qualities of human milk! And, yay for the internet.

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