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Reviews for Where's the Mother? Stories from a Transgender Dad

Buzzfeed News: "an honest, accessible, and heartwarming memoir that follows his story from transition to pregnancy to finding a network of breastmilk-sharing parents."

Rewire: "MacDonald’s voice is an important and necessary one in the birthing community."

The Advocate: "... offers readers a tender, earnest window into the journey to fatherhood he and his husband took in Where's the Mother ... a candid exploration of cultural questions that will be familiar to any same-sex couple raising children in a world that isn’t always welcoming." 

I have written for several publications including:

The Huffington Post - My own page as a regular blogger

Out Magazine - "Why I'm a Breastfeeding Dad"
                        - "Happy M/Other's Day"

Bunch Family - "A Transgender Dad Looks Back on One Year of Breastfeeding"
                       - "Breastfeeding Dad Trevor MacDonald Stays Positive at Bunch"

Milk Junkies blog has been featured in a number of articles and radio/TV broadcasts, including the following:

Toronto Star - "La Leche League Canada Rejects Breastfeeding Dad's Bid to Become Lactation Coach"
                      - "Breastfeeding Dad Wins Support From Parenting Community"

National Post - "Transgender father says breastfeeding support group rules unfairly bar him from becoming a leader"

CBC News - "Breastfeeding group rejects transgender dad's leadership bid" Shine! - "Breastfeeding Dad Raises New Questions About Motherhood" - "Transgender Dad Pushes for Right to Lead Breast-feeding Group"

CBC Radio Vancouver, CBC Radio Winnipeg, CBC Radio "Ontario Today," CTV (local Winnipeg and National news)

Reviews of Milk Junkies:

PhD in Parenting - "Milk Junkies: Blog of a Transgendered, Gay, Breastfeeding Dad"

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