6 Jul 2012

Google Bomb: "Breastfeeding Is..."

Motherwise pointed out on Facebook this week that when you Google "Breastfeeding is", the search engine comes up with some very disappointing suggestions:

- child abuse

- gross

- creepy

- exhausting

- agony

- a nightmare

- offensive

This is absolutely NOT what somebody looking for information about breastfeeding needs to see. Those who are new to breastfeeding or who are struggling to breastfeed deserve to find encouragement, good information, and positive attitudes.

A few weeks ago at a La Leche League meeting I attended, participants were asked to say in one word what breastfeeding meant to them. Admittedly, the word "hard" did come up a few times, but people also said "convenient," "easy," "natural," "amazing," "beautiful," "bonding." Now, this is more like it!

If you have a couple of minutes to spare, type in a few of your favourite positive descriptors. Let's Google bomb breastfeeding!