10 Sept 2012

What is World Milksharing Week?

World Milksharing Week 2012 is nearly upon us! I am excited for all the learning and celebrating taking place this year. To kick off WMW 2012's blog carnival, here is a wonderfully informative post by Dinnae Galloway, blogger at Complete Wellness Concept. She answers questions like, "What is World Milksharing Week anyway? And why do we need it?" As a Human Milk 4 Human Babies and WMW 2012 volunteer, Dinnae gives us an insider's perspective on all the buzz:

If you didn’t know, I’m a volunteer admin for my local Human Milk 4 Human Babies chapter (or HM4HB for short). I help, along with a handful of other dedicated, awesome chicks, to run the facebook page where peer-to-peer milksharing connections in BC happen. What is HM4HB you ask? Well, from the HM4HB website:
HM4HB is a global milksharing network, a virtual village, comprised of thousands of people from over fifty countries. We are mothers, fathers, adoptive families, grandparents, childbirth and breastfeeding professionals, volunteers, supporters, donors, and recipients that have come together to support the simple idea that all babies and children have the right to receive human milk. We use social media as a platform for local families to make real-life connections and come together as sustainable milksharing communities where women graciously share their breastmilk. HM4HB is built on the principle of informed choice: we trust, honour, and value the autonomy of families and we assert they are capable of weighing the benefits and risks of milksharing in order to make choices that are best for them. We hold the space for them and protect their right to do what is normal, healthy, and ecological.
And what is WMW 2012, I’m SURE you’re asking as a follow up, no? ;)

A graphic of a pair of moms nursing their babies, facing one another.
The WMW Logo
WMW stands for World Milksharing Week. This year will mark the 2nd Annual World Milksharing Week, and oh are we ever excited!

Why was WMW created? Again, this time from the WMW website:
World Milksharing Week is held annually during the last week of September. Our goalis to celebrate milksharing and to promote human milk as the biologically normal nourishment for babies and children.
World Milksharing Week was born within Human Milk 4 Human Babies Global Network. The network launched the first ever World Milksharing Week, which took place from September 24-30, 2011, all around the planet. The logo was designed by HM4HB community page administrator, Dani Arnold-McKenny.
We hope that by raising awareness about milksharing, families will never again feel forced into feeding breastmilk substitutes –an act which is not without risk to the health of the child. The incredible sense of community that is created among donor and recipient families who partake in milksharing is to be celebrated.
So, not only do I volunteer with HM4HB ~ BC, I also am part of the WMW 2012 Committee. I was part of it last year, and excited to be part of it again this year. What do *I* do, as a volunteer? Well, it’s kinda fun. I blog, I post, I pin, I tweet. I respond to emails, I post pics to the WMW 2012 Gallery, and stories to the WMW site. And in the last week of September 2012, I will be co-hosting a World Milksharing Week Event again, most likely a potluck picnic like last year. :) Fun times, with the families that benefit from, support and encourage peer-to-peer milksharing!

Would you like to see how you can help? Do you have a milksharing story to share? As a donor? As a recipient? I’d love to hear about it, and so would the rest of the WMW 2012 Committee. You can submit your stories here, or feel free to comment here!


  1. so excited Trev! WMW has already grown so much from last year, because of all of the wonderful families spreading the word, encouraging others to become informed about their OPTIONS. It makes my heart swell!

  2. I feel so honored to work with an amazing group of people, both with HM4HB and with the WMW 2012 Committee. :)

  3. Trevor, this is such a wonderful story. I'm so pleased to see that World Milksharing Week has grown as it has.
    when I came up with the idea, I had hoped that it would eventually turn into something recognized globally and celebrated by the recipients and donors of milky love..

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