17 Sep 2012

"I wish I'd Known About Milksharing When..."

In this post Dinnae Galloway, blogger from Complete Wellness Concept, touches on some of the many reasons people choose to give or receive donated milk.
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I’ve heard time and time again from many many parents: “I wish I’d known about milksharing when – *insert specific situation here.*”

…. my baby was little – she couldn’t handle formula and was constantly sick until we got her on solids.

…. I was lactating – I had so much oversupply it was CRAZY!

…. I was pumping at work – my son wouldn’t take expressed milk, hated bottles, so ALL of my expressed milk got dumped down the drain!

…. my niece was little – she had eczema really bad, and my sister suspected it was the formula, but she had no other options!

…. my son was born – my wife got sick, and lost her supply, and we were unable to follow through with our plan to breastfeed him.

REALLY, these are things I hear and read ALL. THE. TIME. And multiple different variations of them all too.

World Milksharing Week was created to celebrate peer-to-peer milksharing, this grassroots movement of parents being empowered to make *informed decisions* about their infant feeding options. But not only do we want to celebrate, we also want to help educate – by getting the word out there about milksharing, people will get the info they need, and will understand that there ARE options for them!

What do YOU wish you had known before getting into this journey we call parenting?


  1. I really like the thought of Dinnae Galloway and how he describe it.

  2. Donated milk contains high amount of protein and I fully agree with Dinnae Galloway thoughts.