29 Sep 2013

Good News From La Leche League

This past Spring I wrote to LLL Canada and LLL International asking if I could create some resources for Leaders who might need to work with transgender parents. I received an enthusiastic response from an LLLC board member! We decided that I would write some tip sheets based on what was already on my blog.

The tip sheets are now available in the Leaders' area of the LLLC web site. Leaders can go to Leader Resources - PL Department - Information Sheets to find the "Tip Sheet for Assisting Transgender Parents." It comes in three parts – a general information sheet, one specific to trans men, and one specific to trans women.

LLL International also asked permission to use the sheets, which I happily gave. Hopefully Leaders around the world will be able to view the sheets very soon.

A version of these information sheets is available on my blog.

Hooray for La Leche League training its volunteers to be trans friendly and knowledgable!!! On a personal note, I'm delighted to be contributing meaningfully to the organization :)


  1. Thanks so much for offering us this fantastic resource Trevor. This will be so much better than us trying to reinvent the wheel each time! Adele LLLL

  2. This is fantastic, Trevor! As a La Leche League Leager and an LGBT Ally, I am very excited to have and share this resource. Thank you :-)

  3. I'm a LLL leader and I am really excited to have this resource! Thank you for sharing your invaluable experience!

  4. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and time. More importantly thank you for nursing your little one and helping to recreate a breastfeeding culture. ~ Patricia, also an LLLC Leader