Sunday, 13 May 2012

Happy M/Other's Day

I wrote an essay for about what it is like to have given birth but not be a mother. Happy M/Other's Day everyone!


  1. Hi! Unfortunately the link in this post is broken; I went to the website to find the essay, as I couldn't get to it by clicking the link.

    This is a great post! (I recently found your blog through PhD in Parenting and have enjoyed reading through your posts and have added you to my google reader.) I think your last point is particularly important; one can still be a mother if one hasn't given birth or breastfed, and conversely doing so doesn't make everyone a mother.

  2. I had the same difficulty - here's the actual link, if anyone else needs it:

  3. So sorry! It's been fixed now. Glad you liked the post though :)