19 Apr 2013

The Gay, Breastfeeding HOCKEY Dad?

Last week we celebrated our son's second birthday! We've been breastfeeding for two years.

Jacob is still dedicated to 'nay-nay.' He asks to nurse frequently throughout the day, always nurses to sleep for his nap, and still breastfeeds many times during the night.

His other main passion is hockey! We play hockey every day, inside and out, we read hockey books, and watch hockey videos on YouTube.

How did the gay, breastfeeding dad end up with such a hockey-loving son, you ask? A few months ago, we took Jacob swimming at a sports complex that also had a hockey rink. On a whim, we wandered in to watch the game that was going on, and our kid has been hooked ever since. That day, he watched the big kids playing and hitting the boards. He eagerly called out, "Owee! Crash!" and immediately learned the words 'hockey,' 'puck,' 'net,' and 'goal.' He sobbed in anguish, toddler-style, when the game was over and it was time to go home.

Another word my son shouts during hockey games is 'nay-nay.' When he sees a player take a hard fall, he insists the guy should nurse. It's what makes sense to him. I've nursed Jacob several times when we're both wearing skates and parkas following owees of his own on the ice at our community club.

I have a feeling that both hockey and nursing will be with us to stay for quite a while, and I'm curious to see how that will play out. These days, I get approving smiles from the macho hockey dads who see us at the ice rink. "He just loves it!" I tell them. They respond with, "It's good to start 'em young! Good on ya." We do some skating on our own and then usually find a place to nurse for a bit to recover from the cold. So far no one's noticed.

I'm trying to imagine nursing Jacob in a year or two amongst the other hockey dads after he's cut his lip in an 'owee crash.' I can't quite picture it yet, but I'm sure we'll find our way, and hopefully make some friends in the process.



  1. Beautiful! Keep up the great work (the nursing and the blogging.)

  2. I think this is touching and I am very happy for you knowing who you are and remaining confident in that. Kudos brother.

  3. You want to still be nursing your boy in 2 years. That's just weird. His teeth will go bad.
    Jacob thinking that a man who has fallen in the ice rink should nurse, is just adorable!!!!!!

  4. This is awesome! We were thinking that we needed to have our daughter wait until her second birthday to join my husband and I out on the ice, but it sounds like you stared sooner, yeah? When did Jacob first get out there on skates?

  5. Very cute that he wants to share his nay nay. My 23 month old calls it nanny and she has a melt down if her baby newborn brother gets caught touching her nanny! Lol good luck and I understand. I have to hide I still breastfeed because my daughters so tall she looks 3 and I get dirty looks and my family members have actually made statements to the effect that shes too big blah blah blah. However I think when she is ready she will stop and that special part of us will end... makes me cry thinking about it... good luck and im happy for your little happy family.

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